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Fic - Awakenings 04
Title: Awakenings
Chapter: 04/?
Fandom: Star Trek Voyager
Pairing: Janeway/Seven
Summary: An injury reverses the roles in Janeway and Seven's relationship. Post Endgame, first time story.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Also, not a native speaker, so mistakes abound.

Chapter 04

1. Uninvited Guest

Did anybody get the number of the shuttle craft that hit me? My head is pounding so hard I have a feeling that it will soon burst right open, like in one of those cartoons Tom is so fond of. The last thing I remember is being tossed away by an explosion, and by the looks of it, help didn't arrive in time. There is a strange feeling in my stomach, and I try to move my legs, but nothing happens. Now that I think of it, I can't feel anything from waist down. Now is no time to panic, I am well aware of that, but I can still feel a cold fear creeping into me. Before I have a chance to do anything, I hear voices nearing me, and as the door slides open I close my eyes, hoping that they won't notice I'm awake.

"Instead of a Borg woman you get me this puny human? And a thoroughly damaged one to boot..."

"It’s not any humanoid Sir, its Admiral Janeway."

"Ah, maybe this whole mission wasn’t a total waste after all. She managed to destroy our cloaking device, but I'm sure you can extract enough things from her to make it up to us, with interest. And you better do it fast, or I’ll have your head!"

I definitely don't like the sound of that. The idea of anybody extracting anything from my body simply isn't the most appealing one no matter how you put it. I try to move, but a searing pain shoots through my back up to my neck. Before I can scream a hand with a cloth is covering my mouth. I gasp for air, but all I get is a sweet smelling aroma that is making my head spin. I know I should fight it, but there is no strength left in me. The pain is overwhelming, making me almost wish for the serenity of oblivion. Still I try to shake it of, even if I am well aware it's too late. My thoughts are running in one direction, and I feel a small relief knowing that at least Seven got away. And then there's nothing but blackness...

2. Search and Destroy

It has been one hour since I have been picked up from the planet by a Vulcan ship and we still did not find any trace of the ship that attacked us. Vulcans received our distress signal and got to our destination only 8.45 minutes after the attack, but by the time they located both me and what was left of the shuttle the attackers were long gone. Maybe those precious minutes cost me... No I will not go there. She is alive, she has to be. They were after me after all, and having Admiral Janeway alive can still ensure that they get what they want. I would trade our places in a second, without thinking.

"We have detected an alien vessel in the orbit of the third moon."

I run towards the view screen, allowing myself a small measure of hope. The vessel is no longer cloaked, and from what I can see, the Captain succeeded in delivering some real damage to them before she was taken. They managed to escape detection by leaving only the most basic systems on, but their luck has finally run out.

"You have Admiral Janeway on board. Lower your shields and surrender immediately and we will consider lenience."

We wait for a few moments, and the only response we get is a weapons fire. But this is not a small shuttle craft, this is a Vulcan battle cruiser, and they are no mach for us. We disable what is left of their shields and weapons in a matter of seconds, and still it seems too slow for me. I make my way towards the transporter room immediately. As soon as I was picked up I made sure they knew I'd be a part of the away team, leaving them no room for arguing. I can be very persuasive when I need to...

* * * * * *

As we materialize on the inside of the alien vessel, it takes me les than 30 seconds to disarm several aliens and locate Captain Janeway. She is strapped to a chair in what seem to be a research room, a man standing straight above her with a strange device I cannot identify in his hand. I start to move toward her, my stance clearly sending a message to the man: get any closer to her and you die. I raise my hand to check her pulse but a voice stops me.

"No, don't touch her!"

Is it just my imagination or was there too much emotion for a Vulcan in that order? He already scanned her, and I can tell that something is seriously wrong. I want to touch her, make sure she is okay, but I am pushed aside by two medics trying to get a better angle for examination. I need to feel her skin, I need some reassurance... I know I am beginning to panic now, but no matter what I try I cannot calm down. I have never felt so frightened or so alone as at this moment, as I look at Kathryn's broken body. What if she is not okay? What if we arrived too late after all and the last conversation we had was that awful fight I caused? What if...

"Site to site transport, send her directly to the sick bay!"

He startled me, and for a brief second I am grateful that he stopped the direction in which my thoughts were going. But then I realize that there was real urgency in his voice, and I am certain I did not imagine it this time. My palms start to sweat and I have trouble breathing. No! This cannot be happening! I move forward wanting, no, needing to touch her, but before I can make it past the first medic they are already gone. I want to follow them, but a thought crosses my mind. I turn around to look at the alien standing against the wall, and without breaking eye contact with him I give a simple order.

"Leave us alone."

The Vulcan guards look at me questionably, not sure what to do. "We are not supposed to..."

"I will take complete responsibility for the prisoner. "

They still look doubtful, but they move to wait outside the door. As soon as they are gone my full attention is on our prisoner. "What did you do to her?!"

"I don't have to talk to you..."

His face is smug, so I approach him entering well into his personal space, the tubules on my hand appearing in front of his face. "Do you know what I can do to you with these two little nodes?"

He is loosing his composure a bit, but he still says nothing, and now I am really starting to get impatient.

"I will not turn you into a drone, that would be over too quickly. I will make sure to insert just enough aggressive nanoprobes into you that will leach onto you nerves and make sure you spend next several years in agonizing pain, with no way to remove them.

"You can talk all you want, but I don't believe you. You are Starfleet. You would never do anything to harm a prisoner."

"I am Borg, and I will not think twice not only about hurting you, but about killing you if you do not answer my questions."

I can see in his eyes that he finally believes me, and that is very fortunate for him since I was not bluffing. That thought should scare me, but I do not have time for thinking about that now. The Captain needs my help.

"She was already hurt when we beamed her onto our ship." He wipes some sweat from his forehead before continuing, not taking his eyes of the tubules that are still threateningly hovering in front of his face. "We used an experimental probe to gain her memories."

I pick up the device he was holding previously, looking it over as I do. "Is this it?"

"Yes. But you have to understand, we were expecting a half Borg. We didn't think we'd be using it on a human. I have no idea how it affected her, I just know the procedure didn't work. You finding us when you did probably saved my life."

Device secure in my hand, I tap my com-badge to request the transport to Vulcan ship for me and the prisoner. Before I do, I silence the com link and turn around to once again make sure he understands what is at stake for him. "You will tell us exactly how this device works and every little detail about how you used it on Admiral Janeway. Fail to do so, and the entire Vulcan fleet will not save you from me."

Satisfied with the look on his face as he frantically nods his agreement, I open the com link and we are on our way.

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More to come?


I'm enjoying your story but before I get too attached I'd like to know if you're in it to "The End." I hope so.


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