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Fic - Awakenings 03
Title: Awakenings
Chapter: 03/?
Fandom: Star Trek Voyager
Pairing: Janeway/Seven
Summary: An injury reverses the roles in Janeway and Seven's relationship. Post Endgame, first time story.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Also, not a native speaker, so mistakes abound.

Chapter 03

1. Breakfast at Tiffany's

It's been six days since the party, and I have finally managed to find some time to spend with Seven. Luckily we both had meetings scheduled on Vulcan for the same day, so we agreed to stay for lunch after we are done. I know this beautiful little place at the outskirt of ShiKahr, strangely cozy for Spartan Vulcans, and since I arrived with a shuttle, some time off is not only possible, but highly desirable. As I wait for her I take the time to enjoy the view of nearby mountains. The sight is incredible, and I almost feel sorry for people who live here but are not able to truly enjoy the beauty that surrounds them. It takes me a few seconds to realize just how arrogant that sounds, me feeling sorry for them for not perceiving things my way. I've been spending too much time with the stuck up admirals since our return, that's for sure. Changing that just topped the list of my "to do" things.

"Kathryn." I almost jump as I hear my name. I was so deep in thought I didn't even notice her arrive.

"Seven! You scared me half to death. Any reason for sneaking up on me like that?" Funny, I could swear her cheeks reddened a bit at my question.

"I did not "sneak up on you". I did nothing to conceal my steps nor did I apply any additional measures to silence the movements of my body. You did not hear me because you were not concentrating on your surroundings."

Her stance is rigid, her voice serious, and by the time she is finished talking I am fighting hard to conceal my amusement, knowing full well that she wouldn't like it one bit if I started laughing. I hurry to reassure her, only allowing a small smile on my lips. "It's okay, I wasn't accusing you of anything. It's just an expression, nothing more."

She visibly relaxes at that, and I use the opportunity to take a few moments to really look at her. She is in her usual attire, and her hair is neatly folded in a bun. She looked amazing the other night at the party, but this here, this is who she really is. I feel comforted by the fact that she stayed true to herself, despite what I am sure were many pressures for her to change.

"Shall we?" I say as I put my hand at the small of her back, guiding her towards the restaurant.

* * * * * *

The waiter brings us the main course, and when I look at my watch I can't believe that we have been sitting here talking for almost an hour already. This is what I have been missing the most, our conversations. I could always count on a good mental exercise if I engaged her in one of our many philosophical discussions. Still, I can feel she's holding something back from me. I am wondering how to ask her what is wrong when she interrupts me with her own question.

"How was your date?"

I am almost certain there was a strain in her voice as she said that. Strange. "It was good actually. We had a nice dinner and a pleasant walk afterwards. Still, I'm not sure anything will come out of it. She is a bit too... quiet for me..."

I am not even finished talking when Seven interrupts me. "You have never shown interest in persons of the same sex before."

I laugh at that, a little surprised that she is the second person in the past week to point out that same thing. But in this case, I have an easy explanation. "I don't remember showing much interest in anybody while we were on Voyager. One of the many perils of being the Captain."

I am surprised when her voice does not mirror my amusement as she replies. "I do not agree with you. During my time on Voyager you have shown interest – and at least on one occasion engaged in sexual relations - in several humanoids who were not members of Voyager's crew, all of whom were male. You have also indulged in an affair with a male holographic character."

I am at loss for words at this. I know my cheeks are flaming red as I can feel all the blood running there. Did Seven really just give me a report on my... sexual history while on Voyager? I am not sure whether to be more embarrassed or irritated by her little overview. I am still recovering from shock when she manages to break my composure even further.

"Did you have sexual relations with her?"

"Seven!" I really can't believe we are having this conversation.

"I am asking you a simple question, is that not what friends do?"

It's not the question that bothers me that much, but the way she asked it. The way this whole conversation is forming. She is looking at me like I have betrayed her, deceived her somehow, and I am really not sure how to react. "What in the world is this all about?"


"Well something must have brought this on."

She is looking at me for a few seconds as if deciding what to say, and then her Borg mask is firmly back in place. "I do not wish to discuss this any further."

Oh, just perfect. "You can't just start a conversation like this and then close up."

"I am not closing up. As a matter of fact I have just remembered I have an important engagement tonight that I do not wish to miss. I believe it would be best to go back to the shuttle now. "

I look at her for a few moments not sure that I believe what is going on. She just remembered? She never forgets things! I feel my anger rising and I am no longer in the mood to eat. "Fine. Let’s go. My appetite is gone anyway."

We leave the restaurant in silence, which gives me the opportunity to replay the entire unpleasant scene in my head again. This was not typical Seven behavior, and I know I could have reacted better, but she really caught me off guard. I really wish I could figure out what brought this on, but all I am getting from overanalyzing things at this moment is a huge headache. I guess letting things cool off for a few hours could be the best course of action at this moment anyway...

2. Fire on the Bridge

I am still trying to comprehend how things got so out of hand so quickly. What came over me? Since the Doctor removed my "fail safe device" for emotions, I seem to be having problems with censoring my words, even more than usual. I can see how tense the Captain is by the way she is sitting. I hurt her, and that's the last thing I wanted to do. Why did I say all those things? I do not understand why the idea of her with another woman managed to remove all sense of propriety from me. Suddenly a strong quake forces my concentration back to reality. I look over and see that Kathryn has fell from her chair, and is trying to get up as we are hit by another.


"I'm all right. Status report!"

"A ship decloaked right in front of us. They are trying to disable our shields." I feel a slight tingling that always accompanies transport, but it stops immediately, and I am still in our shuttle.

"They are trying to beam you to their ship. I have put our shield harmonics on random, but I am not sure how long it'll last. We need to buy some time before somebody reacts to our distress call. Any ideas?"

My mind is working frantically, trying to find a solution to the predicament we unexpectedly found ourselves in. I need to think of something, I have to... I can not fail her two times in one day, that is not an option. Finally, my scans show something useful.

"Get us close to that planet Captain. It's an M class, and if we can transport to the surface, I'll be able to mask our life signs."

She nods her head at me, not questioning how I plan to do it for one second. I manage to find some solace from my turbulent emotions in that acknowledgment. At least she still trusts me.

"The minute I lower our shields they'll try to beam you out. We have to time it perfectly."

A few moments have passed and all of a sudden I find myself on the floor, as a huge detonation shakes the shuttle. I crawl up to the console, but what I see is not encouraging. "They hit our main energy conduit. We are loosing power."

"Seven, prepare to mask your signal as soon as you hit the surface."

"What? Captain, no!" But my cry is to no avail. I feel the tingling start once again, and this time when it stops I am on a foreign planet, all by myself. I know what she was thinking. They were after me, so she got her crewmember to safety. I feel like screaming. According to my estimates, the longest it would take a Starfleet vessel to reach us is 17.34 minutes. It takes me several seconds to decide whether to mask my signal or not, but I decide to follow the Captain's orders. If the assailants beam me to their ship without any reinforcements I would not be able to help her, and I am almost certain that if they got what they were looking for Kathryn's life would become disposable. There is nothing for me to do but wait.


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